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Boat Insurance, Yacht Insurance, Jet Ski & PWC Insurance

Provided by: SkiSafe — AM Best Rated A, Class XV (highest)

SkiSafe’s exclusive focus on boat insurance allows us to protect your boat and passengers without busting your budget. Our specialized team will help you identify the right coverage for your boat insurance and personal watercraft insurance needs. A SkiSafe policy can provide insurance for your boat, yacht or personal watercraft against damage arising just about anywhere – on the water, on the road or in storage. Your policy can also offer protection against liability arising from the use of your boat, yacht or watercraft. Over 300,000 customers have insured with us because our team of boat experts understands boaters and their insurance needs. We also recognize that the insurance for your boat, yacht or pwc is only as good as the boating claim service supporting it. That’s why our adjusters will walk you through the claim process under your boat insurance policy.

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Boat Insurance Coverage

SkiSafe boat insurance provides the “all-risk” coverage that your boat, yacht, pwc or jet ski deserves. Let us find the right insurance policy protecting your boat against property damage and liability on and off the water, all for a low rate. A SkiSafe policy for your yacht, power boat, fishing boat, ski boat, or sailboat offers a wealth of options to protect your boat and passengers:

All-Risk Coverage
Your SkiSafe policy covers your boat, trailer and insured property for almost all physical damage – fire, theft, collision with a submerged object, glass damage, storm damage, auto accident – and more. Unlike the named perils policy many companies offer which limits coverage to only those losses identified in the policy, SkiSafe recognizes that covering a few common losses and excluding all others leaves boaters without a life jacket. That’s why the SkiSafe policy covers the risks that even the safest boater may encounter.

Replacement Cost Coverage
SkiSafe’s Replacement Cost coverage provides that if your new boat is a total loss within the first 30 months after purchase, we will buy you a brand new version of the same boat, with the same options, features and equipment that you had right before the loss. With this Replacement Cost coverage, SkiSafe will replace your new boat even if it costs more than you paid – that’s really protecting your investment.

Agreed Value Coverage
SkiSafe’s Agreed Value coverage ensures that if your boat is a total loss, we will pay you the agreed value for which you asked us to insure the boat for upon starting your Skisafe policy. We won’t depreciate your boat or tell you it is worth any less than the agreed value.

Hassle-Free Claims
SkiSafe’s boat insurance adjusters understand how boaters value and protect their property. That’s why our claims team will work with your boat facility to ensure repairs are completed quickly and effectively – it is not our place to say who can repair your boat.

Disappearing Deductible
Your SkiSafe policy provides that if your boat insured for its Replacement Cost or Agreed Value is a total loss, the deductible is completely waived. We know that a total loss is stressful enough – so we eliminated the deductible to get you back on the water as fast as possible.

Towing and Roadside Assistance
SkiSafe’s Towing and Roadside Assistance provides coverage for towing your boat on the water or on land because your auto insurance does not. Simply provide your SkiSafe boat insurance adjuster with a copy of the bill and we’ll reimburse you up to the policy limit.

Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability
Your SkiSafe policy protects you against liability for bodily injury or property damage to others arising out of your boat ownership. Liability coverage under SkiSafe’s boat insurance policy also pays for any and all legal expenses in your defense. Even better, those legal expenses do not reduce the liability available under your policy.

Medical Payments
Your boat insurance covers no-fault medical payments for injuries up to $10,000 because boater safety is of paramount importance at SkiSafe. Boating Discounts
Some boat insurance companies throw discounts at you because they start out with a high rate. Specializing in boat insurance allows us to offer real discounts to give you the lowest boating rates available. You can help us reduce them even further by letting us know about your boating experience, driving record and boat safety course attendance.

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A SkiSafe policy lets you navigate the waters with the confidence that your boat insurance policy provides the best coverage for your boat, yacht, pwc or jet ski. SkiSafe can tailor its coverage to safely protect you today then save you even more with our incredibly low boat insurance rates. Shopping for boat insurance can be a difficult and stressful process – until you choose SkiSafe for your insurance needs.

Unlike other boat insurance companies operated by general insurance providers, SkiSafe exclusively serves the boat and jet ski & pwc community. You can rest assured knowing you are working with someone who both knows and understands your unique needs as a boat owner and can tailor our coverage to meet your satisfaction.

Over 300,000 boaters from California to Florida to Maine have chosen SkiSafe as their insurance provider. Our boat insurance won't just protect your boat, it’ll give you peace of mind knowing that your interests are protected by boating specialists who are always available to speak to you about any questions or concerns. Request a free boat insurance quote online today.